Cassandra Dee Comedy



Cassandra Dee is a stand-up comedian, writer, and ardent self-deprecator from the suburbs of Philadelphia. Her material—which deals with subjects like bullying, depression, and suicide—is often described as “brave” and “dark” and “a cause for concern” by audiences members.  She performs her distinctive brand of dark comedy all over the area at venues like Good Good Comedy Theatre, Helium Comedy Club, and Punch Line Philly.  Since starting comedy in 2014 at the age of 31, she’s had the good fortune to be accepted to (and promptly lose) the Boston Comedy Festival more than once.   She’s also lost the Cinder Block Comedy Festival, Charm City Comedy Festival, and Philly’s own Bechdel Test Fest, which is weird because none of those were contests.  Sketches she wrote as a former member of digital sketch team The Worst Generation can be seen on the illustrious, highly-selective media platform known as “the internet” where she also hopes to debut a new web series in 2018.